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Love your Liver


I am Den Koro — yogi, chef and healer. Currently
I am in New York, so if you wish to sign up for a raw-food cooking class, a yoga lesson, or just want to ask a question, feel free to drop me a line.


Den Koro.



About me

As an expert on natural healing techniques, I've been a LifeFood chef, educator, scientist and artist for almost a decade, helping people around the world achieve radiant health and a balanced state of mind through proper nutrition, meditation and movement. I worked with many notable leaders of the Raw LifeFood movement in the US and owned the largest LifeFood catering business in New York City for about 5 years. Currently, I train chefs in techniques of Gourmet Raw/Life Food across the US, Canada, Thailand, Japan and Europe.

Natural Healing
Combining modern science and ancient diagnostic and healing methods, I've been able to help people achieve radiant health, and reach a state of balance, peace and happiness in order to heal and effect a shift toward holistic lifestyle best fitting their personal conditions. I draw on a variety of techniques: Kirlian Diagnostic, LifeFood Nutrition, Ayurvedic, Yogic and Tibetan Longevity practices, as well as Shamanic practices from native Russian and American traditions.

Kirlian Research
In my experience with Kirlian diagnostics I participated in two research projects with Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, professor of physics, inventor of the Gas Discharge Visualization technique — an extension of Kirlian photography that allows for real-time observation of human aura, making a distribution emotional and physical energy in the human body clearly visible and subject to accurate analysis.

Tibetan Yoga
Currently, I practice and teach healing through a system of movement known as Five Tibetan Rites — accessible even to those with significant physical handicaps, this system of exercise awakens healing instincts of a healthy body. Although mastering Tibetan Rites takes time and effort, this system rewards a disciplined practitioner with rapid improvement.

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Den's help with the Five Tibetan Rites and his nutritional guidance played a crucial role in bringing me from the brink of disability to active and energetic health. I was so greatful, I built him this website!

Viktor Kaganovich
Creative Director,


Dear Den, your stay was very useful to my kitchen team, they feel they learnt the foundation of raw cuisine from you. They have adapted what you taught them to produce raw cuisine which is in line with Chiva-Som’s spa cuisine principles. Whilst we don’t serve a lot of raw cuisine there is a daily choice at each meal time and any guest requesting raw cuisine is happily catered for ... I would love to know what you are doing with raw Thai cuisine!

Joy Menzies
Managing Director, Chiva-Som
Top 15 Best Destination Spa Travel and Leisure 2007
Best Spa Academy SpaAsia Crystal Awards 2007
Top 3 Overseas Spa Retreat Conde Nast Traveller 2007 Readers’ Awards (and every year since 1999)
Favorite Spa in Asia and Top 10 Best Spa Cuisine Spa Finder 2007


I am writing to let you know that Den Koro worked for me at the Dragonfly Ranch, teaching both food preparation and exercise. His work was much appreciated by my guests and people attending his workshop. He is an extremely well informed person with high integrity, impeccable honesty, and good people skills. Everyone who studied with Denis was benefited by his teaching and impressed with the quality of his being. Aloha!

Barbara Ann Kenonilani Moore
Proprietor, Dragonfly Ranch
Voted #1 B&B in West Hawaii by readers of West Hawaii Today


Dear Den, you are always welcome to offer your services as a visiting practitioner in the energetic diagnostic sessions as well as Five Tibetans whenever you would like as our guests were very happy with you and so were we. Many blessings and warm wishes!

Karina Stewart
Wellness Director, Kamalaya Koh Samui


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